Red Dragon 3 Holes
Red Dragon 3 Holes
Red Dragon 3 Holes

Red Dragon 3 Holes

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The Red Dragon grips are made with a double layer of synthetic material to offer comfort and comfort.

High quality Velcro with buckle protection so you don't waste time on your exercises.


Grip * * * * *

Lightness * * * * *

Protection * * * * * *

Durability * * * * * * 


Red dragon features

-100% vegan synthetic fabric 

-2mm thick

-high quality buckle and velcro 

2 or 3 fingers?

We believe that it is a very personal choice, our two models offer exceptional protection in both models.

They adapt very quickly to your hand almost from the first use, so that you have an equal grip on each wod.

If you are one of those who use the streets without fingers, we recommend our fingerless ones, they will offer you the same grip, protection and comfort, but with transitions between exercises never seen in other grips.